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Utils 4U is a company founded in 2019. Its purpose is to provide good quality, lightweight and free applications for everyone.

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Podcast Player for This American Life (Unofficial)



This American Life (TAL) is an American weekly hour-long radio program produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media and hosted by Ira Glass. It is broadcast on numerous public radio stations in the United States and internationally, and is also available as a free weekly podcast.

Each week's show has a theme, explored in several "acts." On occasion, an entire program will consist of a single act. Each act is produced by a combination of staff and freelance contributors. Programs usually begin with a short station identification by Glass who then introduces a segment related to the theme which precedes act one. The segment will then lead into the presentation of the theme for that week's show.

Content varies widely by episode. Stories are often told as first-person narratives. The mood of the show ranges from gloomy to ironic, from thought-provoking to humorous.


- Provide recent episode list and all episode list.

- Support for listening episode online.

- Download episode for offline listening.

- Bookmark favorite episodes.

- View the listened episode list.

- Notify new episode automatically (can be turned off in Settings).

- Save the point where you stopped listening (for auto-resume).

- Listening to a random episode ("Lucky" feature).



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